Winter is fast approaching, and I would like to provide you with a few tips to get your home prepared for the upcoming winter months. 

  • Inspect around windows and doors for cracks and seal any openings with caulk or weather stripping to prevent air and water from getting in your home. 
  • Have a professional evaluate the amount of insulation in your home to ensure it is properly insulated and will keep your energy bill low.
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly.
  • Visibly check the fireplace opening for loose or missing bricks and have screens in place to protect against any embers that may escape.
  • Look for raised, loose or missing roof shingles and replace them, if needed, to prevent water from getting in and creating leaks.
  • Remove hoses from outside spigots and store them during the winter months.
  • Clean debris from gutters to prevent water from collecting and freezing.
  • Make sure all downspouts are pointed away from the foundation.
  • Have the HVAC units inspected and change furnace filters monthly for cleaner indoor air and maximum energy efficiency.
  • Program thermostats to lower temps. while at work or sleeping.

Take simple steps to ensure the over all health and safety of your home during the winter season. A few simple tasks can make a world of difference when maintaining your home.